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During the three-month competition in the Overwatch Cosplay Battle, six teams of three cosplayers from European countries, including United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Russia, compete in this fierce battle to showcase their skills by creating costumes. The official jury made up of Blizzard artists and cosplay professionals ended up crowning France’s team the victor due to their stunning take on Torbjorn’s Magni skin.

All the teams are excellent, but France’s Torbjorn featuring impressive armor work and facial prosthetics truly won the judges’ hearts. The works by Team France even comes complete with functioning dual pumps for his Molten Core ultimate ability to shine. What they have done is really amazing. You can have a look at the costumes they made, which will surprise you a lot. Are you a fan of Overwatch? Do you want to dress up like your favorite Overwatch character? Ccosplay offers different kinds of Overwatch costumes to bring your dream into life. Here are they and you can click to buy if you like one of them.

Full Set Overwatch Mei Ling Zhou Cosplay Costume
Material : Suede, Satin, Long Hair, Roman Cloth, Brazilian Cloth, Thick Spandex Cloth, Fur, Pu Leather, Pearl Leather, Composite Leather
Full Set Including : Jackets, Sleeves, Long Pants, Gloves, Belts, Waist Packs, Straps, Gloves
Previous Price: $ 306.88
Current Price: $ 288.99
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Top Level Overwatch Soldier 76 Jack Morrison Golden Cosplay Costume
Material : Pearly Skin, Pu Skin
Full Set Including : Jackets, Pants, Gloves, Shoe Covers, Magazines, Belts, Shoulder Straps
Previous Price: $ 269.99
Current Price: $ 209.99
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Top Level Overwatch Black widow Amelie Lacroix Cosplay Costume
Material : Spandex Cloth, Pearl Leather, Composite Leather, Roman Cloth, Fur, Etc.
Full Set Including : Headwear, Jumpsuit, Rear Collar, Shoulder Pads, Wristbands, Gloves, Leggings, Boots, Shoe Covers
Previous Price: $ 269.99
Current Price: $ 178.99
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Top Level Overwatch Soldier 76 Jack Morrison Cosplay Costume
Material : Compound Leather, Pu Leather, Knitted Fabric
Full Set Including : Gun (Props & Accessories), Tops, Shoe Covers, Blouses, Pants, Gloves, Leggings, Shoulder Straps, Belts With Holsters, Masks
Previous Price: $ 269.99
Current Price: $ 189.99
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