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The Boys is an American network television series in the superhero genre.

The show is set in a universe where superhuman beings are regarded as heroes by the general public and are part of a large corporation, Water International Corporation, which uses superheroes as a tool for marketing and profit, and the superheroes are full of heroic acts under the surface. Big and corrupt. The show focuses on two teams: Walter’s flagship superhero team, the Big Seven, and the lynchers, the Black Pickets, whose goal is to keep corrupt heroes under control. The Black Pickets are led by Billy Butcher, who despises all superhumans, and the Big Seven are led by the egotistical and mentally unstable Protector Superman. At the same time as the conflict between the two forces, the two sides also welcomed new members: Hugh “Huey” Campbell, who joined the ranks of lynchers after his girlfriend was tragically killed by the hero of the Big Seven’s anointed Iron Man at high speed; Janurie/Starlight is a young and hopeful heroine, but when she joins, she is forced to see the true colors of the heroes she admires. Other members of the “Big Seven” include the disillusioned Queen Maeve, the drug-addicted Iron Man, the insecure Dive King, the mysterious Black Man, and the white supremacist Stormfront. The black-robed pickets include tactical planner Breast Milk, weapons expert Frenchman, and power user Kimiko. Overseeing the Big Seven was Madeleine Stilwell, who was later replaced by publicist Ashley Barrett.

The first season describes the first confrontation between the black-robed pickets and the “Big Seven”, which is due to Butcher’s belief that Protector had caused his wife Becca to disappear. As Protector and Madeleine plot to get government support for the superheroes, the Black Pickets try to stop them by revealing Walter’s secrets. Hewy and Annie don’t know that they are in opposing camps at first, and the two develop a romantic relationship when they conflict, but Butcher doesn’t trust Annie.

In the second season, the black-robed pickets continued their struggle to bring down Walter while they were wanted by the government. The conflict takes a new turn when Butcher learns that Becca and her superhuman son Lane with Protector have been imprisoned by Walter. While Butcher tries to save his wife, Stormfront promotes her white supremacist ideology in the “Big Seven” in an attempt to get Protector to lead superhuman world domination.

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Category: TV Drama Costumes
Characters: Homelander
Material: Roman Cloth, Satin, Composite Leather, Cotton Sponge, Leather
Full Set Including: Cloak, Jumpsuit, Belts, Wristband, Gloves,
Extra Option: Boots
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Category: TV Costumes
Characters: Annie
Material: 40D Polyester 220G Fabric Has Elasticity, The Cloak Is Soft And Non-Stretching, The Golden Leather Has No Elasticity, And The Bronzing Mesh Has No Elasticity.
Full Set Including: Dress, Cloak, Headband, Belt + Waist Bag, Skirt,
Extra Option: Shoes
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Category: TV Costumes
Characters: The Deep
Material: The 40D Polyester Jumpsuit Has Elasticity. The Knitted Spandex Has Elasticity, The Copper Pearlescent Skin Is Micro-Elastic, And The Black Horse Has No Bullets.
Full Set Including: Jumpsuit, Gloves, Belts
Extra Option: Shoes
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Category: TV Drama Costumes
Characters: Queen Maeve
Material: Cotton Fabric
Full Set Including: Dress, Belt, Shorts, Headwear, Arm Guards, Hand Guards, Shoulder Armor
Extra Options: Boots
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