There’s a scene in the newly-released movie “M3gan” when M3gan, the newest glossy, Audrey Hepburn-slash-Chucky killer doll, lures a neighbor’s dog to a ruthless slaughter. There’s perhaps nothing more cinematically American or easily readable than the tragedy of a dog’s death in a movie. Yet, as the score swells, and M3gan’s glossy Mary Janes tiptoe towards her prey, we can’t help but hold our breaths, excitedly anticipating the slaughter — after all, the dog did just bite the eight-year-old main character, Cady. In just one scene, Gerard Johnston’s “M3gan,” a gloriously campy, surprisingly queer ride, has subverted one of the […]

Take on the mission of a lifetime: steal a one-of-a-kind implant. If you get it, you’ll hold the key to immortality. Build your own legend in the vast open world of Night City. The choices you make will shape the story and the people around you. Complete commissions and work your way from promising mercenary to legendary Cyberpunk. But what secrets lie behind that priceless implant that everyone is clamoring for? Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure role-playing game set in the metropolis of Night City. You play as a Cyberpunk mercenary trapped in a do-or-die situation. Improved and with

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Geralt of Rivia was a legendary witcher of the School of the Wolf active throughout the 13th century. He loved the sorceress Yennefer, considered the love of his life despite their tumultuous relationship, and became Ciri’s adoptive father. During the Trial of the Grasses, Geralt exhibited unusual tolerance for the mutagens that grant witchers their abilities. Accordingly, Geralt was subjected to further experimental mutagens which rendered his hair white and may have given him greater speed, strength, and stamina than his fellow witchers. Despite his title, Geralt did not hail from the city of Rivia. After being left with the

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The stereotypical blond Barbi and her various Barbi companions inhabit Barbiland, a feminist society where all women are confident, self-sufficient and successful. While their babis spend their days entertaining at the beach, Barbis hold all the important jobs as doctors, lawyers, and politicians. “Stereotypical Ken” is stereotypical Barbi’s blond, muscular boyfriend. He is only happy when he is with Barbi and has always wanted to seek a closer relationship, but Barbi rejected him in favor of independence and female friendship. At a dance, Stereotype Barbi suddenly becomes worried about her own death. The next day, she found that she could

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“Resident Evil 4: Remake” is a shooting horror game produced by Capcom. The play will be officially released on March 24, 2023. Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC platforms. On December 20, 2023, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions of “Resident Evil 4: Remastered” will be launched. In the game, players follow Leon’s perspective and embark on a journey to rescue the kidnapped president’s daughter. “Resident Evil 4: Remake” is a remake of the game based on “Resident Evil 4”. The game plot takes place six years after the “Raccoon City Incident”,

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How would you respond to humanity’s gravest threat? Based on the bestselling novels by Cixin Liu, 3 Body Problem is here to explore that very question. The series begins during China’s Cultural Revolution in the ’60s, when a young woman makes a fateful decision that reverberates across space and time into the present day. When the laws of nature inexplicably unravel, a tight-knit group of brilliant scientists must join forces with an unflinching detective to save humanity. Spanning multiple continents, cultures, and timelines, the series is purposefully global in nature. “This is very much a story about humanity, and humanity’s

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Din Djarin, also known as Mando, is an honorable Mandalorian warrior who protects and helps those in need, especially his adopted son Grogu. He was rescued by the Mandalorians as a child and raised in the Mandalorian Fighting Corps, becoming one of their strongest warriors. Din’s future involves working for the New Republic, training and raising Grogu as a Mandalorian, and joining the fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn.As the titular character of The Mandalorian, the importance of Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin in Star Wars has only grown more and more since his debut. Also known as “Mando,” Din has quickly

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The first queen was Catherine of Aragon, whose solo song was “No way”. The second queen, Anne Boleyn, sang the solo song “Not lose our head”. She was also beheaded on the charge of “adultery” because she was childless. The third queen, Jane Seymour, gave birth to the son Henry wanted, but died of illness shortly after giving birth. The solo track “Heart of Stone” tells the story of Jane Seymour’s love as a rock, but Henry’s love only because of a male heir. The fourth Anne of Cleves was selected as queen based on her portrait. After Henry married

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As an Asgardian, like other Asgardian gods, Thor is taller than mortals, and his body density is three times that of mortals. Therefore, he has stronger resistance to attacks, such as viruses, radiation, poisonous gases, etc. immunity. Tens of thousands of years of combat experience and the responsibility of the chief warrior of Asgard have given Thor an excellent combat sense. He is also a master of weapons and hand-to-hand combat (there are countless weapons used in comics, except Thor’s hammer). He has extraordinary strength and speed, and can fight for long periods of time without getting tired. He can

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